Chopsticks Executives 2014

Let’s introduce the new team!!





You ask me who I am,

So let’s play a little game.

I am Livia, a reigning Queen,

Cruel and ruthless I may have been.

I am Athena, goddess of wisdom,

I love books, politics, things that drive other people to utter boredom.

I am an ENFJ,

I seek to comfort and love night and day.

I am Sherlocked, a Doctor Who fanatic,

Not ashamed to admit, also a sick romantic.

I am talkative, crazy and loud,

One look at me and prepare to be wowed.

I am your Madame President,

And we shall together be magnificent.




Hi, guys. I’m SHIN :) also known as… Darkness???

I’m Events Vice President of Chopsticks, you’ve probably seen me a lot on the Chopsticks Facebook page reminding you of our events, thanking you for coming to our events, etc.

So, a bit about myself. I’m 21 this year doing Adv. Science and majoring in Psychology (and hopefully honours and PhD and then… lecturer ._.) My hobbies include gaming (LoL, GW2 at the moment), watching movies, chatting online, meeting people and of course… Chopsticks!

I do know sometimes I don’t look like I seem welcoming to talk to, but trust me, I’m actually very friendly :D

I’m #awesome #YOLO #SWAG #hashtag! Heheh >:)




HI GUYS! I’m Bryan – third year Commerce major in Marketing and International Business – perfect majors for your own marketing VP eh? 😉
Love anything and anyone creative; art, painting, cooking, music, photography, videography, sign me up! Keen and eager to make new friends, don’t be afraid of the creepy looking Asian at events snapping photos of anyone and everyone around haha – hope you do come to our events though, it’s always good to see your legacy being carried on (ex-president here yo!)
Nuff said; I’ll let you get to know me better in real life!
PS – probably the biggest poser out of this society along with Eddie haha!




I’m Felicia! Otherwise known by many of you as Fish or Fels 🙂 Chopsticks has been one heck of a roller coaster ride for me, but I’m glad to say that joining this society is one of the best decisions I’ve made at university. In Chopsticks, I’ve found a bunch of extremely caring and passionate individuals – and if you’ve attended an event of ours before, you’d know we do a kick-ass one 😉 I’m Secretary this year, in other words, the one always running around getting your names ticked off the attendance and handling all the paperwork behind-the-scenes – pretty much making sure that our club is up and running. I’m usually at ISL, if I’m not ripping my hair out trying to wrap my head around Honours, I’d be enjoying a good laugh and a game of 500 or mahjong with a bunch of friendly people – so don’t be afraid to come and say hi! I’d love to get to know you 🙂
See you around guys!


Sydney 2


Hey there!
My name is Sydney, nice to meet you 😊 Short bio: I was an events executive in 2013 and this is my 2nd year of university studying the Bachelor of Resource Economics as well as my 2nd year in Chopsticks.
In 2014 I will be taking on the role of Treasurer. My goal is to begin a solid line of treasury work from now by setting a model example for future treasurers of this society. It is my honour to work closely with this year’s team – I have faith that this year will be the best year Chopsticks has seen so far!!
Hope to see you at our coming events! Please don’t be shy, come up and say hi!



 Hiiiiiii! 😃

I’m Macey, a first year Commerce /Arts student. I am completely honoured to be Chopsticks’ Admin Exec this year, and for getting the chance to work with so many amazing people as secretary to the Secretary! Although I’ve only been a part of Chopsticks for a short period of time, it has been an amazing way to begin my years at uni!

A bit about myself? Hmm… One thing that surprises/fascinates everyone the most is that I’m a ballroom dancer!

But anyways, hope to see you all at our events throughout the year, and don’t be afraid to say hi to me! Hope you guys enjoy Chopsticks as much as I do 😀




Hello Pandas!

If you haven’t realised from the big font above, my name is Sabrina! But I’ll forgive you as I’m sure my even bigger picture captured all your attention. I get asked a lot about my nationality. I’m one of those in betweeners whose looks don’t belong to one nationality. My parents are actually from Guangzhou but I was born here. Yes, I am not 1/3 korean, 1/3 japanese and 1/3 taiwanese.

I’m an easy person to talk to ie. practically talk to me about any topic in any Chinese language or just the plain English. I love to play chess, draw, go shopping, read and talk about economics [but not politics let me make myself clear]. But my top 3 passions are: travelling, Asian dramas and eat. I love travelling to different places to understand different cultures. I believe that travelling doesn’t only have to be abroad but can be domestically and experience the wonders of Australia. Now if you were to ask me which dramas are good? I can go on and on and on about the 200+ Hong Kong, Mainland Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese dramas I’ve watched, but I’ll say: you only need to watch one…BU BU JING XIN 步步惊心!

I look forward to seeing you at our events!


Love, Sab



Hey all,

My name is Kristen Wong- I’m a 2nd year student doing a Bachelor of Political, Economic and Social Sciences (just call it BPESS). I’m the events team leader at Chopsticks!

I genuinely can’t imagine any other society at university that is any friendlier, connected and devoted to its members and each other than Chopsticks- I see hugs, kisses, letters, poems and songs just struggling to contain the energy this group has and it’s something I’m very much glad to be part of.

I’m always willing to help, eat with or simply chill with other people. I’m often found just contemplating life at the International Student Lounge- or playing harmonica, pool, mah-jong, card games or even consuming the leftovers from events (spoils of war include sunflower seeds, coke, white rabbit candies). Feel free to chill with me whenever- I’m here all day!!

See you guys around!




Call me Yuh-lin. Yep, Yuh-lin, just that simple, original and unique Chinese name my parents named me with. I dropped that once-thought-to-be-glamorous English name that I gave myself during my teenage years, which stuck for some time, but now, it’s all about the originality. This comes back to being in CHOPSTICKS, being around this bunch of peeps, who became (or will become) my FRIENDS and FAMILY, allowing me to be comfortable being that loud, straightforward one-of-a-kind girl I’ve always been 😉

So some trivia about myself. I love food. I think I’m fat (at least by Asian standards), but I still eat like there’s no tomorrow, because you only live once, #YOLO. Not gonna mention that someone nicknamed me YOLO, just so you don’t call me that, even though it sounds pretty cool. I hate random creases on my papers. Having lived with a clean freak of a mum for 18 years of my life, I suffer from a certain degree of OCD (you know I’m exaggerating, right?). And, I’m not sure whether I’m an introvert or an extrovert; is it possible to be half of each, or both?

Nevertheless, I’m super excited to be serving you as Events Executive this year and I’m looking forward very much to having an awesome year ahead with everyone of you!



I’m Andrew, I’m studying economics in my second year and it’s also my second year as one of your friendly events execs 🙂
In short, I love music, basketball, playing games with friends, meeting new people and just having a good time.
So if you’re free, make sure to drop by our events and say hi! Look forward to it 🙂



Behold fellow Chopstickers,

I, Arthur, once the Legendary Leader and King of the Britons, shall descend from my noble ancestors and join the Chopsticks’ Executives of the Round Table. I, therefore, shall continue my mortal life in second year Advanced Science.

Sorcerous obstables, we might encounter, but thou shall fear not, for I shall call upon my noble knights(little chopsticks) unto my aid. May I bring forth prosperity and ecstasy upon the upcoming Chinese events while we cleave the heads of Saxons with Excalibur.

Now is the hour supporters of Chopsticks, go forth, and rebuild our homeland. Let them taste thine skills of yumcha, of mahjong, of big2, of mafia, of using chopsticks as though they hath never before. Harken to me my brothers and sisters, show them no mercy, for thy shall receive none.

May the light of the evening stars shines upon our paths. May the wisdom of the goddess guides my senior superiors.

I, hereby, bless ye in the name of Uther my father


Savo ‘lass a lalaith



Hello Chopsticks!

I’m Nat, or the girl with the panda. Currently studying Software Engineering/ Project Management, and unlike other engineering students I only have 19 hours! (More time for Chopsticks!) I’m a part of the events team and am always down for a game whenever (since I seem to possess endless energy.) Although I may look Vietnamese without my glasses I’m definitely 100% Chinese. I also like green tea very much.




Hey everyone!

I’m Jess and the most awesome member of Chopsticks’ events team! I’m a first year Education student, and I’m honored to be a part of the Chopsticks exec team in my first semester of university . Behind my bright personality and cool laugh, I’m an enthusiastic sports fanatic and a Titans fan.




Hi guys! It’s Eddie! I’m the Marketing Team Leader for 2014.

When I first joined chopsticks I didn’t think much of it. But being part of chopsticks is like the best thing ever.  I met so many friendly people.

Music, photography and filming are my passions. I like hanging out with friends, reading and travelling. Chilling with people in chopsticks is so much fun. We play Mahjong, card games, slapping game and some other fun games. Annnd I’d love to meet new friends. Feel free to join us. 😀  see ya!




” Creative. Friendly. Fun loving. A teeeny bit eccentric :3

HI IM HOOOONNNNG (or just Hong)

Doing first year in media and communications, and also majoring in Chinese and marketing (hopefully.)

Chopsticks is like a big asian family that are annoying but so loving and warm 😀 Know that you’ll be part of something that will be always be there for you :3 And the people here are SO FUNNEHHH :BB


During my free time at uni, you can probably find me bumming around isl. You should drop by and say hi sometime! 🙂 or challenge me to chubby bunnies hurhurhur. ”




 I like potatoes. I like lemons. I do NOT like cake. I like tea. I like coffee. I like games. I like cinnamon flavoured food. I like the smell of petrol. I like the colour blue. I like reef drakes. Do you like reef drakes? Please like reef drakes. All hail the mighty helix fossil. I like olives. I like pizza. I really really like prawns. I love nachos. I like tacos. I really REALLY like dal buk. Bulgogi is my god. All hail bulgogi. I like horror movies. Don’t do drugs kids. I like making noodles. Ramen is my new favourite food.




Alex Wu

Hi everyone!

My name is Alex Wu, or you can read Chinese like 武子敬(pronounced like 无止境 Endless). I am now a second year B. Com student. Yeap, another typical Chinese guy. Different from majority of our executives, I am 100% made in China. So if you are keen to know more about those ‘Authentic Chinese’, em…you find the correct guy to approach to.
I joined chopsticks exactly after when I participated in the very first event in Chopsticks—the Yum Cha. Just until then did I realize how enthusiastic and friendly people are —like those PANDAs. As a very friendly and adventurous
person, I do believe Chopsticks provide me numerous chances to take on new journeys. So next time when you find a new face, CHINESE-CHINESE guy, come and talk to him, maybe his English is not that good as all of others but he does have so many interesting stuffs to share with you 😀


Hello fellow and future chopstickians!

My name is Josh and I am one of the general executives of chopsticks. I have a lot of hobbies and interests including sport, gaming and hanging out with friends much like your average people. I am particularly fond of strategy games and I like to sing in my spare time. If you need someone to talk to about your troubles I will be here to listen just come and find me within the group and feel free to ask about anything



King Ryan III was born on 1st January 1045 on top of the Great Mountain of K2 in a space capsule. Scientists believe that this space capsule was originated from the planet Kyskos, 5000 billion light years away from Earth. Eye witnesses from the nearby village of Alshur Duguraz have reported seeing bright auroras, shining angels and a fluffy ear unicorn supposedly raining down from heaven on the day of his birth. Professor John Howard from the University of Paelusland stated that from the Old Testament, King Ryan III’s ancestor King Ryan II supposedly torn down 500 kingdoms and 2000 counties in one fortnight. He believed that one day, King Ryan III would do the same and rule over Earth.




Hi. Let’s be friends~
I’m Erica, a first year Commerce/Science student, a General Executive, and a proud member under the dictatorship of Chairman Panda known as Chopsticks. Jack of all trades and master of none, if you have any interests at all I’d love to talk to you, especially if those interests include music, maths, languages or philosophy. Disclaimer, I am terrible at names and worse at faces. Prepare to introduce yourself at least seven times.
Now, friend, time for your initiation ritual. I challenge you to a hand of mahjong. You, me, at ISL. Don’t be late.


If you don’t know me already, where have you been?!? :p
I’ve been in Chopsticks for over 3 years now and nowhere else you will you find a group of people as warm, welcoming, crazy, and energetic. Chopsticks is one big family and we are always looking for more relatives  ! 😉 So come along to an event and get to know our cute cuddly panda team ! In particular look out for this panda !

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