Chopsticks Executives 2013 Semester 2

Say hello to Chopsticks’ new team of executives!




Bonjour, mes enfant!

Ca va?

J’mapelle Bryan, et tu? J’habite dans Chateaurenard et-

…and that ends whatever imaginary French I thought I could speak…

Hello everyone, I’m Bryan, King of Puppy-dog-eyes, and I shall be serving you as Mr President for the year~

I like long walks on the beach at sunset and candle-lit di-

Oops. Wrong website. Getting back on track…

Though I’m second yearing at Commerce this year, my true dream is to become a fashion designer! Or stylist! Or patisserie chef! Or artist! Or photographer! Or a RPG character in the new Harvest Moon series!

And yup…I have an unhealthy number of hobbies and I’m sad that I can’t dedicate as much time to them as I would like; count me in on getting my fellow guinea pi- I mean fellow Chopsticker’s to try some of my…’culinary creations’ 😉

Though I’ve only been in Chopsticks for only around a year, everyone has made me felt so immensely welcome and happy to be whoever I want to be that I feel like I’m forever in debt to return that gift – get ready for a roller-coaster of fun this year hey? 🙂

Drop by for a smile, chat, hug? 🙂




Hi, guys. I’m SHIN 🙂 also known as… Darkness???

I’m Marketing team leader of Chopsticks, you’ve probably seen me a lot on the Chopsticks Facebook page reminding you of our events, thanking you for coming to our events, etc.

So, a bit about myself. I’m 21 this year doing Adv. Science and majoring in Psychology (and hopefully honours and PhD and then… lecturer ._.) My hobbies include gaming (LoL, GW2 at the moment), watching movies, chatting online, meeting people and of course… Chopsticks!

I do know sometimes I don’t look like I seem welcoming to talk to, but trust me, I’m actually very friendly 😀

I’m #awesome #YOLO #SWAG #hashtag! Heheh >:)



An individual is defined by what they dream about. So what if I dream of floating through the universe or about ancient civilisations that never existed? Hi, I’m Talib. I do marketing for Chopsticks, along the lines of photography, posters and YouTube videos.

I’m a final year Commerce/Arts student majoring in Econometrics, Finance, Japanese and Chemistry. My many impossibly niche interests include Middle East politics, art films, science fiction novels, Krautrock, and practically anything and everything by Philip K. Dick, Wong Kar-wai, David Lynch and Igor Stravinsky.

My hobbies are reading, writing, tirelessly reading Al Jazeera, photoshopping Janice and occasionally cooking, but my biggest hobby is definitely daydreaming.

If you see me around at events, chances are I’ll be holding a camera. Say hi, because I will take photos and forever emblazon you on the Chopsticks Facebook group.







My name is Gloria Chan and by your powers combined I am Chopstick’s Madame Secretary for 2013! As your Secretary, I will travel across the University, searching far and wide for your access numbers and to tag your hand with my bright red stamp as you come to our Chopsticks Events.

See you around, Gloria




Why hello there,

I’m Felicia. I’m a second year Bachelor of Arts (Advanced) (Honours) student. Nice to meet you! After attending the Chopsticks camp to Blue Mountains earlier this year, I decided I had to be a part of this fun-loving society and contribute as an executive. And so, here I am today!

Some things I like doing during my free time include hanging out in school with my friends, exploring new cafes and visiting quaint bookstores. I really want to try sky-diving and paragliding one day. I’m interested in theatre and artsy things, and while I’m not the best storyteller around, I’d certainly love to hear yours.

Some people have told me I look really stern and unapproachable when I’m not smiling – but don’t be fooled. Come talk to me so I can get to know you too! 🙂






Hi Everyone!

I’m Anny, currently studying 1st year Commerce and Law!This is my first year second semester with Chopsticks!! I am the treasurer of Chopsticks for 2013! haha,,I love numbers and of coz my current position in Chopsticks!!Joining Chopsticks was definitely one of my best spontaneous decisions I have made during uni!!I love this big family not merely because it’s full of joys and fun, but it is somewhere you can make friends and experience love!!So don’t hesitate now, come and join our big family with fun,love and friends!!;)




Hi there Chopstickers!

Your new finance executive here, reporting for duty! Currently in my second year of Uni, I’ve been with Chopsticks for about a month. And what an amazing month it’s been! This friendly family has welcomed me with open arms and exceeded all my expectations of what a Uni society can be 😀

A little bit about me – I love time travel dramas/stories (both Chinese and BBC – Doctor Who, anyone?) and I love Chinese culture and history, especially anything to do with Mongolia! In my spare time I like to watch TV, sing karaoke and explore my new-found interest of cooking!!! Oh, and I feel obliged to tell you all about my guilty pleasure of reconciling accounts – you can trust me with your monies! 😉

So come and say hi if you see me around, I’m always up for a chat (please make my 4-hr break more bearable!), and maybe we can belt out some Mongolian tunes at karaoke!




Hio! Finance executive Johnny here :3

If you’re looking for WORLD DOMINATION, then you’ve got the wrong club haha. Although Chopsticks doesn’t have elaborate plans to take over the galaxy, we do have an assortment of diabolical recipes for fun, enjoyment and awesomeness! Everyone here is super friendly and I am no exception (if you would excuse the self flattery >.>). If you see me around come say hey!

I study commerce (but don’t let that put you off) and I enjoy playing cards, listening to electronic music and just derping around :D. As you can see in my picture, food (especially pastry) gives me this…unexplainable warm, fuzzy feeling inside. I’m pretty much always hungry, so I would love to grab a meal with you sometime!





Some say that I can only be found on a night of full moon inside your cupboard.

Others say that I chose the study of catnip as an elective.

All you will know is that my name is Bella Xu,

And that I am your new events team leader.




Behold fellow Chopstickers,

I, Arthur, once the Legendary Leader and King of the Britons, shall descend from my noble ancestors and join the Chopsticks’ Executives of the Round Table. I, therefore, shall begin my mortal life in first year Advanced Science.

Sorcerous obstables, we might encounter, but thou shall fear not, for I shall call upon my noble knights(little chopsticks) unto my aid. May I bring forth prosperity and ecstasy upon the upcoming Chinese events while we cleave the heads of Saxons with Excalibur.

Now is the hour supporters of Chopsticks, go forth, and rebuild our homeland. Let them taste thine skills of yumcha, of mahjong, of big2, of mafia, of using chopsticks as though they hath never before. Harken to me my brothers and sisters, show them no mercy, for thy shall receive none

May the light of the evening stars shines upon our paths. May the wisdom of the goddess guides my senior superiors.

I, hereby, bless ye in the name of Uther my father

Savo ‘lass a lalaith




So, what kind of person am I, you ask?
Yellow is my favourite colour, for one!
Drive and compassion I apply to all tasks,
Ne’er will I tire until I am done!
Ever feel down, or just want to chat?
Yell for me, I will be there in a flash!

Trying new things and learning too,
And even trying smelly tofu! (Dillon I will get you back one day I swear.)
Never too late is what I always say,
Go on, say hi, I’ll send smiles your way. 🙂





I’m Andrew, currently in 1st year doing economics and proud to be one of your friendly events executives!

I didn’t think much of it when i first joined chopsticks, but its been one of the best decisions I’ve made, helping me find my feet at uni and meeting so many friendly people.

I like to think of myself as a happy and friendly individual, but within the confines of a competitive arena, I’ll gladly push you aside ;P. I enjoy basketball, drawing, I play the piano, and I can’t do math (yet here I am, economics).

I look forward to meeting new people and having fantastic year at CHOPSTICKS!! 😀


External relations – SABRINA WANG


Hey-lo! I’m Sabrina or just call me Mrs Lam* and am a 1st year Commerce (Liberal Studies) Student. I am HONORED to be an Events Organiser for Chopsticks 2013 and will try my best to make every event a BLASSSTTT! ☺

In my spare time, you’ll find me catching up with the latest dramas (Korean, HK, Taiwanese..anything you can think of) and of course, listening to songs on repeat from: Raymond, Raymond Lam..and more Raymond Lam! I love to eat (Sichaun, Thai, Malaysian, Korean, Jap and most of all, DESSSEERTTS :P) and love to socialise! I love to daydream about travelling..escaping to another country where nobody knows me (yes I know this sounds lonely, but I can totally picture myself migrating to an island).

After the Chopsticks Camp at the beginning of Semester 1, even though I only knew the Chopsticks crew for 1 week…it felt like a year! They have the most beautiful, kindest and sincere souls! I am so lucky to be part of this one big family, and hope that throughout this year you’ll merge into this family too!

XoXo Mrs Lam

*Btw, I am head-over-heels-in-lovvveeee…with my fiance, Raymond Lam. He is the most handsomest, cutest, most talented and most romantic guy on earth ^^ Luv you hubbby




Hi everyone~!

I’m Angieeeee, currently studying 3rd year psychology! Let’s see… I’m someone who yearns to travel but doesn’t want to leave the nest…LOL, and when I’m away from the city lights I love lying down to stare at the stars, and marvel at how beautiful and infinite they are. :’) And how small we are! I’m very bubbly and friendly too so if you see me around please do say hello (~ ^w^)~

I love chopsticks because we’re all about having fun and meeting lifelong friends who end up feeling like family. All our events are very social, laidback, and full of laughter and memorable moments~ our wonderful family will always make you feel at home so come along to our next event and meet us! :’)

Angie ~~





Hey guys, this is Doris!

How can I describe myself to you without writing an autobiography? Well, let’s see…

Known as the girl who would not shut up, I have an opinion pretty much about anything and could start an argument with Joe bloke down the street. A head of weird ideas, I am someone neuroscientists want to cut open to examine just what sort of alien cells constitute my brain. Loud and outgoing, but most times admittedly being the biggest nerd on the planet- hence the glasses- and is never afraid to acknowledge that studying is my passion.

When I am not trying to start a heated debate or chatting with a random person on the train, you will find me curling beside my bed, reading about history’s triumphs and tragedies or finishing the Shakespeare collection in my library. Very often I will be digging deeper into my obsession with personality types (I am a Type 3 and ENFJ by the way) or dancing secretly to Simple Plan’s songs or simply thanking my good fortune for having such wonderful people in my life.

Last words: I will be here whenever you need me.





Helloooo~ =))

This is Mabel. People often think of maple syrup and some even table tennis LOL I was born and raised in Hong Kong however I no longer have the ability to act as human guidepost ^^”

I’m currently studying Biomedical Engineering and this is my first year with chopsticks. I was simply drawn in by the friendliness oozing from panda T-shirts… of course, not only the committee members but everyone was friendly and eager to make friends and most importantly to have fun! I really do love this spirit and atmosphere that allow us all to make the most out of the sometimes-dreadful uni life!

I enjoy baking, creating deadly (mega chocolate indulgence) recipes, anime, drama, online shopping and playing with sister’s doggy xDD”

On a side note: This antique wheels belongs to my uncle and I think it’s really cool. Not because I just couldn’t find a close-up photo okay…~? XP


]Hey guys I’m Angie….. Although I seems gentle and quiet sometimes, but there has always been a nerve in my body which wants to break out and be challenged. But, no matter it is me trying to set fire to the party, or digging into some economic concepts in a discolored book from Keynesian, or just turning up the music to enjoy some ‘day-dreaming’ time, I’m just the girl who wants to make the life better for me and people around me. What brought chopsticks into my life is due to my passion to try more new things and make more friends. Come join us and enjoy what life has to offer.





Once upon a time there was a clumsy but happy child who stumbled into an O-week stall with the really asian name – Chopsticks…she wondered what it was all about and after attending Yum Cha with lap dancing and the like, became so enraptured in the awesomeness of the people that she couldn’t ever leave them because she had made such everlasting bonds. And that person is ME, Maggie the magpie! xD AKA one of the general executives of this asian (NON FOBBY) club! 😀

I’m laughing almost 24/7 at random things, over awkward moments (sometimes making it more awkward triggering further laughing XD) and with the people I love to hang out with – MY CHOPSTICKS FAMILY!! <3 I dream of travelling to Alaska because it seems so wild, free and beautiful and where pretty reindeer (yes they’re not just in santa’s songs!) and bears dwell. I could ramble on forever but I’d like it more if I could hear all about you!! 😀 soooo COME AND JOIN THE PEOPLE TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL! Hahaha yes I’m also a bit gay (not in that way xD)






I was here when they raised the world, when the lamps were lit, the creatures moulded from the dream of the fallen. I will be here when I destroy this world.

Mortals, gaze upon my face, and know eternal joy. I am everything and nothing. Perfection within an imperfect being, I am the sums of all your fears and the fruit of your desires.

What is a god to a non-believer? How can you believe in a fake god? How can you kill a fake god?

I am beyond your comprehension.

And yet I am accessible to all. I am a burden and a boost. I am your father, brother, lover, friend, son. I am everything you need me to be and everything you hate and loathe. I destroy yet creation follows destruction.

You need me.

Perhaps I need you more. Falsehoods follow clarity. Clarity leads on towards understanding. Perfection lies somewhere in between.

They once called me a name, whispers from a frightened child, cries of joy. Know my name well.

Repeat it well

Leon. Twas the name I once was. Perhaps it shall be mine again.

There is no emotion, only me. Follow me, together we shall correct this world. Or break it. In the end your choices doesn’t matter.


jonathan lAM

Located in the western coast of the developing backwater southeast Asian country called Malaysia lies a village called “Hutan melintang”. Which directly translates to flying jungle. Don’t ask me why. That was the name the locals gave it. That, was also where I spent most of my childhood. Born the youngest son to a pair of dairy farmers. I grew up on this farm sitting on the border between the states of selangor and Ipoh. My childhood consisted of milking cows, chasing chickens, jumping into local streams and rivers and trapping local catfish for dinner. And boy, did I think that was a treat. Whenever my mother told me to go and play in the river and bring back a fish, id puff up my chest like a bantam rooster and rush off to the river! Boy…. Did I find out I was getting used until I was 16…. But hey. I had a great childhood and I enjoyed great steamed fish wrapped in banana leaves:) eventually I managed to attain the local “FAMA” scholarship and come over to Sydney to study. And when I came to chopsticks, I found a whole new family;) and my life has changed drastically:) 

Granted I don’t milk the cows or chase the chickens around anymore….. But I still find substitute goods:) 
By going to uni I am milking that cow of it’s nutritious information:) 
By attending, organizing and coordinating chopsticks events I am effectively chasing chickens around the barn. Getting each chicken to their respective coop and for them to eat their feed:) I see this when I chase people to meet up to go shopping, or to set up stall:) 
By setting up trolls and watching people from chops realize they’ve been trolled, I see myself evolving from setting up local bamboo traps to catch local catfish:)

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