Chopsticks Executive Team 2015


Hey guys! It’s time to introduce the new Chopsticks team for 2015!!



President ‘Genghis’ Kan

alex 3



My voracious appetite, tan complexion, muscled build, and leadership has often led many to believe I am of a descendant of the Mongolian raiders, perhaps that of Genghis Khan.

But in reality, I’m just Alex, a constantly hungry, 2nd Year Animal and Veterinary Bioscience student who will be your Pres for 2015!

I am passionate about running Chopsticks and providing our members with the best experiences and lots of fond memories. But of course I do have other loves outside Chopsticks. I am a believer in a good cold beer or a chill coffee date with friends. I am a fan of a range of cartoons, anime/manga, and movies (the kungfu/ martial arts genre would probably be at the top of the list). I am a gamer. I am a lover of music. I am a practitioner in Taekwondo, Karate, Volleyball and Table Tennis (or used to be). But most importantly I love meeting you guys, the members of Chopsticks and getting to know your interests and passions.

So, feel free to come up and say hi, and maybe get to know each other better over a cold beer or coffee. Hope to see all of you guys around 😉




kristen 2


What’s up!

I’m Kristen- just another tired 3rd year student who procrastinates everything. Lately I’ve been thinking… what am I going to do for the rest of my life? So I’m on the search for cool things to make my hobby so when I get old I won’t be entirely soulless from my occupation (should I even manage that). I’ve picked up many random noisy instruments (harmonica, synths, spoons, kazoos), a bit of astronomy and some new authors to read!

I follow the long narrative of an introvert entering university with little social skills to go on. All my friends went to that ‘other’ university, leaving me to my own rusty and greatly impaired devices. Coming to Chopsticks has helped me realise myself in many ways and is a journey I treasure highly. Quite often, I’m actually grateful that I was left alone, or I never would have come to be where I am today- among good friends and family.

As events vp I make it a rule for myself to attend every event I can. I’m often teaching mahjong so look out for me there! I’m excited to see all you new faces in the future 🙂


See you around,







Hello Chopsticks!~

I’m Talib, and you can choose to pronounce that however you please. I’m excited to be back on the marketing team for 2015, and I look forward to an exciting year of fun, friends and family.

I first joined Chopsticks in 2011 as a shy, nervous marketing executive. 4 years on and Chopsticks has transformed me into an outgoing and sociable individual, and allowed me to explore my creativity on all fronts. I am currently finishing off my Masters in Economic Analysis, and I also work full time, so balancing my role as a VPM will be challenging, but I see a lot of potential in the new executive team, and I hope they can support me as much as I will support them. In my free time I enjoy reading and photography, and my goal for 2015 is to develop my own 35mm film.

You guys may not see me around much, but I will always be a part of the Chopsticks family, so feel free to chat to me at events, or anywhere else you may happen to find me!







secretary- yuh-lin gan



Nice to meet you, where you’ve been, I  can show you incredible things…

HEYAAA~ My name is Yuh-lin. With the hyphen. Yes, don’t forget the hyphen when you type my name – I’m particular about this – that’s how attention to detail I am, and that’s why I’m here as your secretary! Attention to detail, organised, passionate, dedicated – what else should I be, if not Secretary for Chopsticks? 😀

From Events Executive to Events Team Leader, then to Secretary, this is my second year serving the society as an exec. Third year pharmacy student with hectic uni schedule, but yet I’m still here to serve, because Chopsticks is family. And this family is never going to have enough members, so make sure you pop along to all our events, and say hi to me at the registration table, and hopefully, I’ll be able to remember your name! YAYYYYY~

ps. In case you didn’t notice this from the first line, I’m a Taylor Swift fan 😛


treasurer- sam wu





I’m Sam, you can call me Sampai or Samumu, but not Sammy nor Samuel, or just simply call me Sam.

I’m the treasurer of 2015 and currently studying 2nd year Bachelor of Pharmacy. My current on-air television series include Arrow, The Flash and Suits. My go to cuisine for dinner is Japanese. My genre of music includes a wide range of style with personal playlist called Sam’s Jam and Trance to Dance.

I’m occasionally at the ISL for Chopsticks events, so if you see me, don’t be shy and introduce yourself!



administration executive- June ho



Hello Everyone!

I’m June, third year Student in Bachelor of Civil Engineering/Arts. I am honoured to be this year’s admin executive and work with everyone on the team.
At uni I have interest in studying Ancient History, Latin and Attic Greek (Though I would prefer to learn more languages :)).

Personally however, I like to eat food and to read manga (including manhua/manhwa), but recently I’ve been sticking to watching anime, especially one my sister introduced me, ‘World Trigger’ and my long-loved ‘One Piece’!  (There’s a good one in Chinese called Chang Ge Xing 长歌行 too :))Also, I like to watch Asian dramas, mostly ones from China and HongKong but sometimes Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese – All are good!

I hope to meet you all soon and may you all have fun in chopsticks!!!


finance Executive- jessica lui



Hey all!

I’m Jessica, first year studying Commerce and I’m currently the Finance Executive for Chopsticks!

I’m a very easy going girl who can put smiles on everyone’s faces! My goal is not to have fun by myself in this society (Chopsticks), but to make it more fun for you guys out there which will give me the greatest joy of all. ^^

Even though I’ve only been in Chopsticks for a very short period of time, yet memories and laughter that I have experienced seemed to be endless! Chopsticks is already my second home! Do u want to have a second home? Feel free to come join our lovely interacting and engaging society as you would never regret that you’ve joined. 🙂 I’m always here for you, so come along and don’t be shy (cause I don’t bite)! xDD

Hope to see you soon at our upcoming events!




events team leader- vincent molina



Hello! My name is Vincent Molina!

I am events team leader for Chopsticks in 2015. I study Arts (majoring in Japanese) and Social Work (looking to specialise in helping the homeless) and I am currently in my 3rd year. I identify as an Introvert but with a lot of friendliness and love to give and share. My hobbies include spending time with my doggy (I LOVE ANIMALS), keeping up with world issues, popular science, singing, music, film, and acquiring more books than I could finish reading in a lifetime and a lot more.

My philosophy is that friends are family you get to choose. Thus as a member of the exec team my goal is contribute to the planning of events (like an even SPOOKIER HALLOWEEN EVENT HEHEHEHE) so that everyone has a great time mingling and socialising and hopefully leaves the events having made new connections and life-long friends and family.

Hope to see you guys around this year! Don’t be afraid to ask me anything about Chopsticks we’re all pretty open!


events executive- nathan chong




Hey everyone, my names Nathan and I’ve been at The University of Sydney for one year and recently commenced my second year studies (Bachelor or Medical Science).

I’m currently an Events Executive at ACCAS (Also known as Chopsticks!) and love bringing fun to the members in the society. I’m a carefree, social , kind and hard working student that wishes to make friends while studying on Sydney Uni. To me, Chopsticks is my second home, my second family, it has provided me many memories since I started university and is still providing me many opportunities to meet and welcome new people to society.

The people you meet there are genuine and friends for life, we have lots of fun together and at times have dinner. I also help out by teach Mahjong. If anyone wants to play some games or eat some snacks, come over to ISL (Level 4 of the Wentworth building) and we can organise something! If you just want to say please don’t hesitate, we welcome everyone and anyone to Chopsticks! We’re the epitome of the three F’s, FUN, FAMILY & FRIENDS.






Hellu everyone!
My name is Tu Le- I’m 1st year student doing a Bachelor of Nursing (Advanced Studies). I’m the events executive at Chopsticks!
A bit about myself. I’m 19 years old (and will turn 20 this December). I love swimming, listening to music, rainy days, animals, yogurt, cake, milk tea… My dream is to open a small farm in the future and live peacefully there for the rest of my life LOL. I am so glad to be part of Chopsticks, where the three F words- Family, Friend and Fun are valued, and that’s what make us unique. So if anyone needs help, or simply needs someone to talk with, I will always be available for you 🙂
See you guys around!


events executive- queenie le


Hey guys!


I’m Queenie, a first year Commerce student and an events executive for 2015. I love music, playing sport and hanging out.

Being part of Chopsticks has brought to me a lot of new friends, experiences and fun. Come along to our events and you’ll soon realise the joyous atmosphere too. Don’t be afraid to say hi or have a chat with me anytime! I look forward to seeing you guys around!


events executive- jenny pham



Hey there,

My name is Jenny Pham, in my first year of Bpsych and I’m the new Chopsticks Events Executive for 2015 :)!

Chopsticks has given me the opportunity to meet new, very interesting people and made my Uni life so much easier and more bootiful, a lot better than what I had expected. So I hope to share this opportunity with you guys too! xP

I have strong interests in humans and languages but really I’m interested in just about anything. And though I have a lot of interests I don’t really have any hobbies haha. So I guess making people happy is my hobby 🙂

I usually hang around at ISL so come say hi sometime! I’m known for being the girl with green hair streaks.


events executive- marcella he



Hello my lovely Pandas,

I am Marcella, I am 3rd year studying arts and science majoring in French and pharmacology.

Hmm how do I describe myself? Well I am a typical girl who likes finer things in life. Jks jks. 😛 (or am I? 😉 Hehehehe) I am not an ordinary Asian girl; as in I do not like kpop or Asian dramas LOOL.  But recently, I got hooked up on this short web serious called “Ultra Rich Asian Girls.” It is really funny and interesting. If you know any good dramas, recommend me some! Love to watch it! Apart from that, I love animals!! They are the most adorable creature on earth! LOL dramatic much! I also love practicing yoga! I will tell you a little secret; I practiced yoga because Miranda Kerr did and there was point in my life where I wanted to be a model. 😛





marketing team leader- andy huang



I am a logical thinker but don’t always follow rules, read books before textbooks, a walker rather than a driver, always wondering instead of procrastinating, an independent learner rather than a university student, a meat lover but not vegetarian, living in freedom but single, a guitarist but in a classical way, man but interested in women, study commerce but ends with liberal studies, ABC but like the Chinese style, 18 years old in life but one month old in Sydney. My English name is Andy but my Chinese name is Andi. Btw, I’m the marketing team leader from the Chopsticks family. Hi.


marketing executive- chloe zhou



Hi, Im Chloe, first year Commerce student, currently one of the amazing marketing team at Chopticks society.

I am bubbly, enthusiastic, friendly person, really easy to approach. (~ ̄▽ ̄)~ Apart from the interest in marketing and business stuff. I love drawing & designing. I would love to travel around the world and do portraits for people from different places if got any free time in the future. And also, I consider myself a connoisseur of cuisine…really enjoy eating around, seeking for lovely desserts. What else..I love playing piano and skiing, but still a beginner for using the ski pole right now:b


marketing executive- anna tong



Ello there!!

I’m Anna – a first year primary education student (technically in my second year of uni). I’m extremely honoured to be a part of the 2015 Chopsticks marketing team! ^O^

In my spare time, I love hanging around with the panda-family since everyone is so bizarre, crayy (in a good way), strange and cute! Otherwise I’m actually a massive fan of C-dramas, C-music, art & design, DIY, anything Japan related or creative or cute or fluffy~ o(≧▽≦)o

Mafia and mah-jong are my favourites too~

Anyways I’m really looking forward to seeing new faces and old faces! Remember, the panda-family welcomes everyone~ ^-^



marketing executive- celine huang



Heyyy Everyone, I am Celine Huang, a first year Health Science / Nursing student.

It is definitely my pleasure to be one of the marketing executives. I am nice, helpful and optimistic but somehow introvert. I am not that good at expressing myself, but I would still like to make a lot of friends. Since everyone in Chopsticks had brilliantly welcomed me, I met so many friends, and we are now very close just like family. Being part of the Chopsticks seems to be the best thing ever for me.

So please join with us. I am sure it will be one of the best decisions you ever made!!!



marketing executive- betty zhuang



Hey, this is Betty, though you’ll find my official documentation and FB under the name ‘Yifei’.

I’m really excited to be one of the newer Chopsticks exec and getting to meet all you guys. Don’t be shy, say hi, as the wise piece of life advice that I, uh, just invented two seconds ago says. Life outside of Chopsticks~ I study: Commerce/Arts, majoring in (probably) finance, marketing and Chinese studies. I enjoy: Reading good books, watching good TV shows and movies, writing stories and anime.

Outside of my more sedentary activities, dance (jazz, contemporary and tap) and swim. Also food and sleep, but that’s a given. Current life trajectories: Somewhere between corporate sell-out and starving-black-turtleneck-wearing-hipster-writer. Responsible self-sustaining individual, hopefully, since I’m meant to be an adult now, ahahaha.



marketing executive- jennifer wang




Sup guys,

I’m an awesome-coolie-first-year-swag-gurl doing Comm/Law right now. My name is Jennifer but I’m also known as Jen or Jwang (sounds so gangster right?) or Jenjen (I don’t even know why some peeps calls me that but ok) 😀 I am very very honoured to be a marketing exec this year not merely because of the way chopsticks is a very fun society but also because I’d love to get to know you guys (yes every single one of you) <3

I love photography (hence marketing exec) and I take photos left right and centre alldayeveryday~ So if you guys want a new dp on FB, please don’t hesitate to ask me for help 😛 I’m also into kpop and cpop, I listen to songs of the Beast kpop groups like Bigbang and 2NE1 Infinite times a day regardless if it’s 2PM or 2AM!

So I guess the summary is *come and talk to me guise I’m actually pree cool n friendly* 😀

<3 Jen



general executive- jinjin yang



“HEY ONLOOKER, I’m Jin Jin, but call me JJ for short!

I’m a first year student doing a Bachelor of Education (primary) – yes I’m going to be a teacher…assuming that is where life takes me. I am privileged to be one of the two General Execs!

Despite being a part of Chopsticks for half a semester, being a part of this society has been a great way to start my first year of uni – creating new friendships, having a second family and overall having fun. Sound familiar? It’s what the Chopsticks’ society embodies: fun, friends and family ^-^ If this hasn’t already tickled you fancy, come to one of our events!

I really hope to see ya and make sure you say hi!! ”


general executive- cherie xu

Cherie 2


Hey guys!

I’m Cherie, first year doing commerce and arts. I love eating, seafood is my favorite. Like cooking and regard myself as a good cook haha. I like drinking too, love beer and sangria, but don’t say I’m alcoholic plz. I love sleeping, I can never sleep enough! I also love music and watching dramas(American, Korean, Japanese). More importantly, I love making friends!!!

I feel so lucky that I joined chopsticks because everyone is so friendly and nice! And now I’m a general executive, feeling so honored! Come and join chopsticks events guys!


Can’t wait to see you all!!!




Thank you for reading!!



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