Chopsticks Committee 2012

Only a society that has the ability to renew itself every year can survive in the long term. Chopsticks has been active since 2006, but only through the valued efforts of the committee that runs the society.

Every year, we see a fresh batch of eager faces ready to lend their time, effort, and expertise to keep the Chopsticks vision of fun, friendship and family alive and strong. We look forward to all that the new team can achieve and what interesting directions they plan to lead Chopsticks to.

At the same time, we farewell those who have helped us in the past but have now moved on, whether it be for further study, entering the workforce or moving overseas. Without them, Chopsticks would not be what is today.

Without further ado, here is the team for 2012. Good luck, and 加油!


The leaders

President – Jade Foo

Dear wonderful Chopstickers,

After two years of being a Social Director for this wonderful society, 2012 is the year when I take up presidency. Welcome back for those of you returning to us, and a great big HELLOOO to our new members!!!!

A little about me: my name is Jade. Like the rock. Y’know? 🙂 I’m in my fourth and final year of my Primary Education degree, and I’m also doing Honours this year. So I’ll leave USYD with a BANG!! But it’ll be a big ol’ wonderful bang, with Chopsticks of course!

If you see me around campus, want to chat to someone about whatever strikes your fancy, or even just want to grab a McDonalds ice cream – say hello! And it can be done!

Yes I am still in love with McDonalds’ ice cream (see previous year’s profiles); but I’ve upgraded a little.. Ben & Jerry’s, anyone? 😉

I’ll see you soon! Much love, Jade


Vice-President (EVENTS) – Grace So

G’day mates 😀

My name is Grace and I am from the West! I joined Chopsticks in 2011 and my time here has become better and better every year ^^

From organising fun events to trying for Vice President, Chopsticks has been an amazing part of my life, giving me so many great memories and wonderful friends <3

I enjoy long walks, long train rides, long hot showers, movies, television shows, pop music and reading novels (Harry Potter was my childhood! <3)

I also love meeting up with friends and just having a nice and chill time. Anyways, say hello to me some time 😀


Vice-President (Marketing) – Talib Tirmizi

いらっしゃいませ Chopsticks~

I may not speak Mandarin or Cantonese, but I can maybe whip out a little Japanese. Sometimes. Hi, I’m Talib, I run marketing for Chopsticks! Some of you may have already noticed me spamming the Facebook page with event invites and excessive photos.

I’m a *fourth* year Commerce/Arts student, majoring in Econometrics, Finance, Japanese and Chemistry O_O My interests include cyberpunk, watching artsy Asian films and listening to insanely long pieces of music.

I first joined Chopsticks last year thinking it would be a place I could explore Chinese culture, but instead, I found more than that – I found a family of friends whom I have come to cherish as my own. That wonderful feeling when you come across someone interesting at a Chopsticks event, not knowing that very shortly they will be amongst the best of your friends.

I may seem a little out of place and possibly scary (I am known for being very blunt and I openly say what’s on my mind), but if you’re a genuine person who is open to the idea of hanging out with a diverse crowd, then I will always meet you with a smile and friendly chatter!



The Money Launderers

Treasurer – Jonathan Lam

Hi guys, I’m Jonathan Lam.

AKA 王子 or ‘The Prince’. I was chosen to handle the money side of Chopsticks, because, let’s face it, I spent my whole life swimming in it.

When I’m not inspecting the grounds of my many mansions, or relaxing at my own private greyhound racecourse, I’m either trading my shares or buying out my dad’s rivals.

If you like good whiskey and good women, hit me up sometimes, we’ll hit all the best clubs, and also those exclusive for the rich and famous. Like myself.

Come over to my place sometimes, you’ll get a chance to meet some of my servants and play with my Louis Vuitton mahjong set.


Finance Executive – Dillon Yap

The name’s Yap. Dillon Yap.

I am a Malaysian who studied in Singapore, currently in the midst of mastering the fine arts of Accounting and Finance. Now on a completely random note, my favourite word is “melancholy”, not because I’m a sadistic, cynical bastard (am I allowed to say bastard here?), but because I think the word itself is hauntingly beautiful. I passionately embrace gentlemanhood and spearhead my fellow male brethrens in the revival of chivalry in these twisted modern times. My kindness is unparalleled; my amiability insurmountable. I am the alpha male, the epitome of masculine beauty, grace and elegance. Impressive, I know. And no I do not have an ego issue.

Now that I have successfully annoyed you with my zero-humility, perhaps I could redeem myself by listing some of my weaknesses (hard to believe, but there ARE some). Weaknesses….weaknesses… would have to be my slightly inferior (only slightly) tolerance for the foul substance commonly known as “alcohol”. But then again, why pay more for alcohol when juices taste better? Right? RIGHT?! Right.

With that being said, please do not be intimidated by my greatness and genetic superiority. Chopsticks is a huge, warm, friendly and welcoming society that will happily absorb people of any nationality, race and religion!! 😀 😀



The Administrators

Secretary – Manling Chen

Hello, This is Manling (or many other names that I shall not mention here)

I’m the Secretary of Chopsticks for 2012, currently in my third year of (dreadful) Commerce/Science.

I love watching dramas! If not for uni I can watch dramas all day long and everyday!

I speak English and Mandarin, spent my childhood in the heavily polluted Beijing and managed to stay alive till I met all the wonderful people here in Chopsticks!

Chopsticks is all about having fun and “ONE DOES NOT SIMPLY SAY NO TO FUN”! We play, we cook, we eat, we troll, and we laugh!

Warning: I laugh a lot, especially when I’m drunk.


Administration Executive – Gloria Chan

Hi Hi guys !

I’m Gloria, 2nd year Primary Education Student and an 2012 Administration Executive of Chopsticks. This is my first year with Chopsticks and this society so far has been infinity and beyond – top of the ladder awesome-ness!

It has already given me so many opportunities to have fun and meet so many amazing people; the memories and good times are just priceless & you JUST can’t get enough of it.

So come along and join in the fun with the rest of the Chopsticks family, I’ll guarantee you love it, because Chopsticks love you and we know that you’ll love us the same way! So what are you waiting for?!

On a final note: TVB Celebrity Raymond Lam 林峯 also knows about this society and totally supports us – no joke. Seriously, how CHOK is that! 😉



Social Executives – The PeaceMakers

Ji-Hyea Song

Hello 🙂 I am Ji-Hyea, often called as Ji, and a 3rd year Bachelor of Health Sciences and Master of Nursing combined degree student.

(JI JI JI JI JI BABE BABE, yeap, If you ever have tried to listen Kpop, I am sure you are familiar with one of SNSD songs: Gee. Every time I introduce myself, people dance and sing the song, next time you meet me on-campus or off-campus, please come, say hi, dance and sing “Gee” for me!!!!!!!)

Although I’ve been in Chopsticks only 3 weeks, I found out that each member in Chopsticks has a CHEERFUL, CHARMING, KIND, GENTLE and FRIENDLY personality. Indeed, they also have a sense of humour! Just to quickly give you a tip about our society, YOU SHOULD NOT MISS OUR ANNUAL CHOPSTICKS SOCIETY CAMP.

As you can notice from my current studying degree, I’m a nursing student. Like most nursing students love caring and having a chit-chat with people, I am not exceptional. If you injure yourself, come to me <3


Nina Xue

Hey guys!

I’m Nina/Ninja, Social Exec for 2012! I’ve been a part of the Chopsticks family for 2 years now and have spent the past year as Marketing Director promoting our awesome events.

Chopsticks for me has been about family, friends, lots of games, laughter, lots and lots of food and meeting cool people.

So what more could you wonton? Come to one of our events and see for yourself!

Super excited to meet you all soon! 🙂


Sarah Tieu

Hey there! What’s going on?

This is your dear social executive and long time chopstickererer (2009!), writing to *YOU* and saying hello!

Are you climbing up a great big hill of hope? Tired of this institution? It’s time to join Chopsticks! Chopsticks is a place for people of any nationality to get together, appreciate Chinese culture, make friends, and have a good time.

I’m currently a third year animal bioscience student, who enjoys food, games and good company, so Chopsticks was the obvious choice. I’m up for a chat about anything so don’t hesitate to come up to me, personally I think I’m (I try all the time), quite nice 🙂


Veronica Du

Hi All~ This is Veronica, the Social Executive of Chopsticks 2012. Involvement in this society will certainly be the highlight of my last year at Uni as a commerce student! Although I’m packed with the workload from two majors of Finance and Business Information System (and that doesn’t stop me from being a IT rookie~!), I feel at home the moment I meet up with fellow committees and work on our events towards maximum AWESOMENESE !!! So as a social ‘Executive’, I will be more than happy to connect you all coming to events into breezy conversations and spice the moods up a bit when necessary ^ ^

As far as my own experiences, this club is honestly the most friendly societies I have ever been to and people here are always super inclusive to each newcomer and make them good friends. Event-wise, it’s overwhelming to even think about them. To name some my favourites – (uniform-temptation) Maid Cafe, (variety feast plus dazing games & punishments) Yum cha, and (fully-scheduled and exciting) annual Camp…..etc etc!

I love Chopsticks not merely because its full of fun and energy, but because it is somewhere you can make some life-long friends and make the most out of the bustling uni life 🙂

So welcome on board all beloved members , old or new, ENJOY THE PRECIOUS MOMENTS OF UNI WITH US ! <3



Events Executives – The organisers

Angela Wang

Hello there!!! 🙂 I’m Angie/Angela/Ange, one of the events executives for chopsticks 2012!!! 😀 I’m a huge animal enthusiast and I love watching dramas.. particularly.. ASIAN drama :p If you love drama.. or want to be converted >:D.. come talk to me!! ;D

Aside from that I enjoy watching stars and wondering about the universe :3 as well as having spontaneous adventures with friends 😀 oh oh also! if you get me a puppy I will love you for life 😛

As you can see.. I use a lot of smileys XD and guess what, I use even MORE in real life! :p Get to know me and you’ll see I’m super friendly and cheerful !!! 🙂 I love meeting new people so don’t hesitate to say HI! 😀

Why do I love chopsticks you ask?? Do you need to ask?; we are the best! :p At 2011 O-week I joined around 10 societies, no joke! But Chopsticks has been the only one I’ve stuck with; they are the most lovely group of people <3

Where-ever you’ve come from, and where-ever you may go, we will welcome you with open arms to the chopsticks family 🙂 If you love making new and lasting friends while having fun and enjoying free food :p chopsticks is the place for you ^^

Now… what are you waiting for?? 😛


Chengchen Liao

Hi there, my name is Chengchen~ Feel confused about how to pronounce it? It’s double Chen! XD joint Chopsticks not too long ago and totally fell in love with this big welcoming family with heaps of fun.

I was born in Shanghai and raised in Shanghai but half Teochew… Don’t know where it is? Doesn’t matter. They are both in China anyway hahaha.

Hobbies ranging from watching real cooking in a real kitchen to trying to draw a pretty girl but turn out looking like a monkey… This is my last year of uni and I will make it full of joy and great memories with all of you.

If you see my around, please don’t be shy to say hi. I promise you wonderful events with us amazing people because you just deserve a great social life with Chopsticks!



Edward Li

Hey there

The name’s Edward (AKA Pedobear – only cause I own one, not because I am one ><) and I am currently studying Engineering (BioElectronics)/Commerce. This is my second year on the committee, and I admit, I’m simply addicted to the friendly, fun yet slightly crazy atmosphere that makes Chopsticks sooooo awesome XD

I love to meet new people, eat and have fun at the same time!! – Dw I was referring to food… (which USUALLY doesn’t consist of ppl <^vv^< )

So if I haven’t scared you away already, feel free to approach me and have a chat – I want to meet you allll ^^


Lydia Nguyen

Hey there!!! 😀

I’m Lydia and I’m currently on the events team!

I’ve only joined up to Chopsticks this year but I LOVE it so far! I can’t even express how welcoming, friendly and AWESOME the crew are; I’ve already made super cool friends that I know will get me through the drudgeries of being a 3rd year pharmacy student!

I enjoy eating, playing tennis, rock climbing, eating, going to live gigs, good company, good music and EATING!!! I also love making new friends, so don’t be afraid to come and say hi! 😀


Maggie Wu

Warm, friendly, loving, passionate, awesomely amazing and whatever is good can be used to describe our chopsticks family!!!

Hi everyone :DDD my name is Maggie and I am one of the events executives of this wonderful society 🙂

I enjoy laughing (yes it’s my hobby and trademark hahaha), exploring new places and travelling as well as going to chopstick events!!:) They are truly addictive that if I could I would spend the rest of my days in uni going to events and meeting up with my lovely friends! 😀

Really you forget you’re actually doing a degree and supposedly getting an education XD

BUT chopsticks teaches you A LOT, I never regretted joining and I will treasure my wonderful memories with them FOREVER & EVER until I get dementia or something..XD


Zhou Lin

Hi! My name is Zhou (yes it is a legit first name) and I’m currently in my second year of Medicine. Having been born to a seamstress and a physician, I was naturally blessed with the unique (godlike) ability to not only patch up clothes but people as well.

My hobbies include trying to capture those moments just before one wakes up, writing senseless haikus, cooking up the perfect omelette and using too many brackets in sentences (than necessary).

I must admit I only recently started attending Chopsticks events and having experienced just how much of a blast they were, I knew I had to get more involved.

Now, I may come across as being quite reserved and serious, but please don’t let that deter you! I’m actually a really good listener and love hearing anything you have to say so feel free to unload (verbally) on me anytime you need!



Marketing Executives – The Shameless promoters

Bovie Xiong

Hello. My name is Bovie Xiong.

As Senior Marketing Executive, my role in Chopsticks is to rule over the peons with an iron fist. I study International and Global Studies, because I like to travel and meet people from different backgrounds. I hope someday to own a tropical island in the Caribbean, and to be waited upon hand and foot by supermodels.

In my spare time I have a number of somewhat eclectic hobbies such as trolling, singing, drawing, gaming, science-ing, fighting crime, and saving puppies. Should you ever feel the need to bask in my glory, feel free to approach me; I aim to be helpful and friendly as befits one of your dear leaders.


Hin Man

Hi everyone, my name is Hin (or Shin).

I am one of the Marketing Executives of Chopsticks 2012. I’m currently in my 2nd year studying Advanced Science (Psychology and Chemistry in particular; of which both I am extremely interested in).

I joined Chopsticks sometime in 2011 (semester 2? can’t remember). Anyways, I love Chopsticks and the fact that it is such a close-knit group, like a family.

Now a bit about myself, I am a little introverted (maybe more than a bit… hopefully I’m improving T_____T) but I am (believe it or not) quite a friendly person (deep inside *cough cough* :D).

Some of my interests are manga, anime, games, 9gag, msn and facebook (and of course Psyc and Chem). So yeah, I’m a technology obsessed person.

For more information about me, or if you just want to chat, add me on Facebook (Shinichi Nisai) ^^


Vicki Xin

Hello lovelies ! I’m Vicki, currently in my 2nd year of Commerce Liberal Studies (no nothing to do with Tony Abbott … ) and one of your 2012 Marketing Executives.

Joining Chopsticks was definitely one of the best spontaneous decisions I have made during uni. Whenever with the Chops fambam, time flies unbelievably fast because the amount of fun we have is explosiveee! So get off your bootay and come join the thrills of our mind blowing events!

Oh & if you’re ever wondering around Paris, take a trip down to Chateau de Versailles, it comes close to our epicness [=




General Executives – The manpower

Ann Huang

Hi Everyone! ^ ^

I’m Ann, ex-Secretary of Chopsticks 2011, the best society ever !!

Chopsticks is AWESOME!!

It’s heaps of fun just hanging out with everyone, organising events together, making friends etc XD.




Harry Zhang

I’m Harry Zhang, an general executive. I am currently in my first year of study, majoring in Information Technology and Financial Math & Stats..boring right? I know.

Chopsticks provided me with a wonderful community to be in, we’re all like a big family. I love talking to people, so please dont be shy and have a chat! I promise i wont bite! 😀

People often ask me: “Harry are you crazy mate? joining committee in first year? you’re totally gonna kill urself studying and helping out and having a social life” but I would tell them that even tho this year is probably gonna kill me and wear me out I need to make the most out of it, and because Chopsticks provides this social group where everyone can chill and talk and make jokes it’ll make my life alot easier! Want to make the most of your uni years? join Chopsticks and you will never regret it.


Janice Luo

Heyyy this is Janice, I’m a first year commerce student and a general executive of Chopsticks 2012 =)

To be honest, I joined because i watched their ‘university is romantic’ video they posted on Chopsticks’ YouTube channel chopsticksACCAS, which is ridiculously funny!! Some of you might not get the humour but.. I’m a fob who knows almost all Chinese internet memes so… yeh =.= I enjoy karaoke, Chinese foods, and I surf Chinese sites on a daily basis -o- And I also do cosplay!!

I know I look kinda scary and I often scare people away but!! Feel free to talk to me if you see me around!!! And join Chopsticks if you haven’t done so!! XD We run fantastic events all year round and it will sure brighten up your university life!! =D


Jasvanth Sureshkumar

Hey guys,

Call me Jas :D. This is my third year in Chopsticks as Committee and you ask why someone would do that? CAUSE CHOPSTICKS IS AWESOME!

Chopsticks has given me Excitement, Hilarious memories and Friends to last a lifetime :D!! It has kept me sane through all the hard years of uni and ultra stressful studies XD!

So don’t look further, Join CHOPSTICKS and become part of a society which will take you places (literally and metaphorically) you never thought you would go!



Stephanie Yip

Hi everyone,

I’m Stephanie in 4th year Animal Bioscience. This is technically my honours year so don’t get freaked out if I start talking about getting 50 cats (or more) as my project is based on the diets of Feral cats in the desert. I was born in Australia, but my parents are from Vanuatu and Solomon Islands with my grandparents from China.

My hobbies are photography (although I’ve scaled back this year), arts and crafts, travelling to different places. I’ve travelled to the rainforests, islands and plan to go to the desert soon, so come talk to me I’ve got many interesting stories to tell!

I also like to cook and bake things when I bored or just for special events, so come to our events and try a muffin, a cookie or even traditional islander food if you dare ^^



External Associates

These are people who continue to help out at Chopsticks despite having moved on from university, and Chopsticks would certainly not be the same without them.

Leon Tam

We have no beginning. We have no end. We are infinite. Millions of years after your civilization has been eradicated and forgotten, we will endure.

We are eternal. The pinnacle of evolution and existence. Before us, you are nothing. Your extinction is inevitable. We are the end of everything.

You touch my mind, fumbling in ignorance, incapable of understanding.

There is a realm of existence so far beyond your own you cannot even imagine it.

I am beyond your comprehension.

I am TEON.

You exist because we allow it, and you will end because we demand it.

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