Past Presidents

Jasvanth “Julius” Sureshkumar – Chopsticks President 2011

Hi there!

My name is Jasvanthkumar Sureshkumar…. But best you call me JAS! I am the first “Black” president of Chopsticks (I’m actually brown) haha, shows how diverse we are… I was an Architecture student doing my masters and I love Chinese and Asian Culture 😀 and MOSTLY I LOVE MY FRIENDS :D!

I joined chopsticks at the start of 2010 and oh my god has it been amazing. I’ve made tons of lifelong friends, organised amazing events with my fellow committee members and in 2011 I took over to help run the society as its primary slave, the president. I love Chopsticks with all my heart and it has given me so much more then I could have ever hoped for. So we saw it as our time to give back and that’s what we the committee will did in 2011 as we took Chopsticks to new heights. 2011 saw Chopsticks become the largest, most active and fun year since its founding. So many great memories were made and we will think back to these great times with a smile :D!

My life in short in order of priority: FAMILY and FRIENDS, Chopsticks, reading books and Manga, studies, eating! That can’t be healthy but hell it’s fun. I also LOVE meeting new people and unique personalities and I saw my wish come true in Chopsticks as there were always unique, friendly and exciting people to meet. I may still be around in the future years…. so please please come talk to me… yes I’m desperate…! HAHAHA :D! And don’t believe anything people in Chopsticks say about me… even the drunk parts… I don’t drink!!



Stephanie Sijing Zhu – Chopsticks President 2010

HELLO! Yes, I’m Miss Chopsticks, President of Chopsticks 2010, the first female President since Chopsticks was established 4 years ago. What can I say? I absolutely LOVE Chopsticks:D Hence this position:). I must say taking up this role has been one of the most rewarding experiences ever, I’ve met so many cool people, created so many awesome events with my team and of course had so much fun in the process (plus those stressful times when events don’t work out as planned… but they always do in the end:)). HMM… so about me… I like to do my fair bit of shopping every now and then; eating, picnicking, travelling, books, music (especially Korean pop:)) and of course meeting new people from all different cultures and backgrounds. So pop by our events sometime and I would love to have a chat with you:).


Hugo “Chopsticks” Kuan – Chopsticks President 2009

Hey there! My name is Hugo, also known as Hugo “Chopsticks” Kuan lol. Currently I am studying B.Art, majoring in Asian Studies and Japanese. I was living in Hong Kong until I came to Sydney for high school in 2002, and now my family has moved to Beijing. Therefore, I have experienced different Chinese cultures throughout my life. Yeah…in another word, I am a fob. XD

I have joined Chopsticks since my first year in university and became the president in 2009. Chopsticks has given me many irreplaceable moments, the most unforgettable events were the two Yumcha events that I organized in 2009 and 2010. The Yumcha in 2009 was my first event in charge as the president. I was extremely nervous because it was my first time to host an event for almost 70 people and I wanted to make sure everyone had a good time. One year later, my last event before I stepped down as the president was Yumcha again! This time was better prepared than last year, and I was very happy that I got to celebrate my birthday with my members!

Being the committee of this club was truly a fantastic experience for me, and I recommend you all to join the team as well. Chopsticks will provide you an opportunity to experience something unique during your university time.

Ex-President of Chopsticks 2009

Hugo Kuan

Peter Chuang – Chopsticks President 2008

Helllo~ I am Peter, the Chopsticks president of 2008. I am in my 5th year at the University of Sydney. After completing my Bachelors in Economics and Social Science, and Honours in International Business, I am currently completing a Master of Management (CEMS) degree at the university. Chopsticks has been an amazing journey ever since I joined up in 2006. I don’t know how to tell you this, but honestly the society has grown so much in the last couple of years. It’s not just the member base, but more importantly the culture at Chopsticks has developed into something truly unique in student societies, even unique in the real-life organizations out there. In 2009 and 2010, my love for Chopsticks has not seized to stop. If you can make one right decision in your time at university, let it be joining Chopsticks. Oh, my hobby is ….. Singing…! (Just ask anyone!)

Ex-President of 2008 (Peter Chuang)

Alex Chen – Chopsticks President 2007

Hi guys! I’m Alex the Chopsticks President for 2007. I completed a Bachelor of Medical Science degree and an honours year in Physiology at Usyd in 2009 and am currently studying Medicine at Monash University in Melbourne. I am originally from Taiwan but have lived in both South Africa and Australia for different periods in my life. I love badminton and yum cha and am always available to play and eat! Just come find me! =).

In 2007, when I took over, Chopsticks was but a small fledging society. I am proud it has grown so much over the years and I hope it will continue to grow. Kudos to Peter and Hugo as well as their fantastic committees for their work! In these past few years Chopsticks has grown, not just in number, but also in enthusiasm, energy, and is simply just plain fantastic!

Being part of Chopsticks was one of the highlights of my Usyd experience. I made many friends and long lasting relationships through this society, worked with a brilliant committee, learnt from mistakes, and improved my interpersonal skills. Before I forget… I would also like to say that I had tonnes of fun while I was doing all of the above!!!

If you are looking for fun, karaoke, yum cha, clubbing, and more then joining Chopsticks would be the best decision you make at Usyd. Get involved!!!

Ex-President of Chopsticks 2007

Alex Chen

Chris Fung – Chopsticks President 2006

‘Explore. Dream. Discover.’ Nothing captures the spirit of Chopsticks more adequately than this
famous creed by Mark Twain.

There are two wonderful things about Chopsticks: firstly, unlike some societies tied with
organisational history and customs, Chopsticks is a young society with a relatively flat hierarchical
structure. Most of our decision-making is consensus driven. Secondly, as a society, our goal is simple
– to provide a channel for all with an interest in Chinese culture to mingle and have fun.

The end result is a society not limited or pigeonholed by where we come from, our ethnic
backgrounds, or the subjects we chose to study. To us, these are mere distractions for we are united
by the simple, but passionate interest in Chinese culture.

This leaves you, being a part of Chopsticks, to actively steer the society in whatever direction you
wish, should you choose to participate.

It certainly worked for me. And so an inter-society cruise was organised (a success that continues till
today), calligraphy classes were carried out, mah-jong was played, and even the Chinese department
of the University of Sydney was mobilised to provide classes for our members. I was limited only by
my imagination.

So come join us in the path of personal development.

Use Chopsticks as your vehicle to explore, dream, and discover.

Chris Fung


(Commerce/Law, Class of 2008)

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