Chopsticks Committee 2010

Committee Members 2010

Stephanie Sijing Zhu – President

HELLO! Yes, I’m Miss Chopsticks, President of Chopsticks 2010, the first female President since Chopsticks was established 4 years ago. What can I say? I absolutely LOVE Chopsticks:D Hence this position:). I must say taking up this role has been one of the most rewarding experiences ever, I’ve met so many cool people, created so many awesome events with my team and of course had so much fun in the process (plus those stressful times when events don’t work out as planned… but they always do in the end:)). HMM… so about me… I like to do my fair bit of shopping every now and then; eating, picnicking, travelling, books, music (especially Korean pop:)) and of course meeting new people from all different cultures and backgrounds. So pop by our events sometime and I would love to have a chat with you:).

Sylvia Cheng – Vice-President

Hello! I’m Sylvia, the Vice President of Chopsticks 2010. I’m currently in 2nd year of commerce/law. I love singing, dancing, buying stuff, and running around. I love shin ramen, Chinese tea, Chinese literature, soft-rock + r&b music. I’m outgoing, generally nice, so I’m looking forward to meet all of you who are interested in Chopstick – this awesome society. Chopsticks is like a big family; this family consists of members of different cultural backgrounds, however, we share the same value, same passion of life, and we’re genuinely inviting you to experience what we have experienced. We’ll have lots of events during this year, so don’t hesitate to join us anytime, you’re always more than welcome. xoxo


Jason Yu – Vice-President

Hi guys, I’m Jason. I am a 4th year electrical engineering student. Joined Chopsticks since my first year of uni!! So has been four years now, and Chopsticks is just getting better and better. Only last year I became a committee member as social director, and this year, I became the VP of Chopsticks. ZOMG~~ Anyway, I can speak English, Canto and Mando, so you guys are most welcome to come up and talk to me during events. As for hobbies, I like music, playing guitar, games, puzzles and etc. See you guys at the events.


Cecilia Chiu – Secretary

Hi people! I’m Cecilia, the new Chopsticks Secretary and also a new member of the club this year. My encounter with Chopsticks earlier this year turned out to be a surprising story to me. As a third year student under a science degree, I was planning to cut down much of the club activity, but when I got to know Chopsticks during O-Week, my mind changed against my rational will. After participating in a couple of events, not only did I become a loyal member but I also couldn’t resist the desire to take a step further and to involve myself in this large and loving family. Chopsticks is a dynamic and creative club and so far in the process of acting as an executive, I’ve had great experiences meeting new friends, planning exciting events and sharing all the fun and love, and at the moment, I’m just addicted to Chopsticks!

Sam Chen – Treasurer

Tis Sam Chen here. I manage the financial side of the club, hoping to balance club cash flows and have fun at the same time! I am currently studying commerce, majoring in accounting (surprise anyone?) My favourite activities are karaoke, eating Ramen (lai-men) and reading history books.




John Jiang – IT Director

Hi guys! I’m John, my name has alliteration and I’m a 4th year IT Honours student. I only joined Chopsticks this year but so far it’s been heaps of fun! I’ve met some awesome people, went to some awesome events and it has been an absolute blast! Yes, I am a computer geek but I’m friendly, I promise! Apart from computers, I enjoy the outdoors, hanging with friends, and all the usual things that comes with being Asian. People tell me that I’m funny! But I’m not too sure if they’re laughing at me or with me, still working that out. So that’s me in a nutshell! Oh…have you tried turning it off and on again?



Jasvanth Sureshkumar – Event Coordinator

Hey guys! My name is Jasvanth Sureshkumar but I REALLY prefer if you just call me Jas 😀 and I am currently one of the Event Coordinators in Chopsticks. I’m in my final year of my Undergrad in Architecture, but I do have a long uni life ahead as I plan to do another degree haha. I only joined Chopsticks this year because I was urged to, admittedly I was reluctant, who would want to join a club full of FOBs (please don’t hit me… too hard). But having said that I regret it not at all, I’ve had too much fun and too many good memories with chopsticks and everyone in it and I don’t want it to end! About me? I somehow got the name “Token Black baby” (wonder why?), I love philosophy and the big picture questions. My hobbies are reading and writing, yes, I aspire to be an author… one day :D! I LOVE my friends, joking around and uni life in general… except studying haha.


Toby Lee – Event Coordinator

Coming Soon


Jade FooJade Foo – Social Director

HEY GUYS!! My name is Jade!! So, currently I’m reigning as one of the Social Directors of 2010. In my second year at USYD, doing a Primary Education degree. Confession: I only joined Chopsticks this year. Despite this, hanging out with the amazing people from Chopsticks nowadays has become one of the better parts of my university life. So, what do I perceive as things which interest me? I would have to say that I enjoy karaoke, music festivals, shopping, eating and I am in love with coffee. Oh yeah, and McDonald’s ice cream. That stuff is just pure fabtasmatical awesometasticness in a cone. It is also my personal belief that friends are a crucial part to one’s survival in this world. So let’s be friends! I am a friendly person, and I’m happy to have a chat with anyone! So come and say hello to me if you see me around! I don’t bite. Just maybe yell a little, but that’s just in my nature.

Ian Chan – Social Director

I’m Ian, 2nd year Law/International Studies student, born on that 1060 square km of land in which 7 million people are packed (we call it HK) and I came to this vast continent of 7 million square km and 22 million people when I was only 3 (so I’m not ABC, get that straight =P)  I’ve been using chopsticks all my life.  I love Chinese culture and history and music… People tend not to believe me when I tell them I don’t have TVB Jade at home.  I love languages too, so I can speak English, Canto, Mando, and a bit of French, and I can count 1 to 10 and say “thankyou” in quite a number of different languages.  Oh and I can sing 23 different national anthems and know most of the capital cities in the world… yes I have too much time on my hands?  Hey I’m a fob nerd, what can I say? And one final point, I love durians! =]


Norris Chan – Social Director

Coming Soon


Carcy Ho

Carcy Ho – External Relation Director

Have been staying in Chopsticks for one and a half year. It was pretty dramatic to join Chopsticks as a fresh member and then straight to become one of the committee immediately in my first year in uni. Chopsticks have been offering me lots of valuable experience in both aspects of meeting friends and managing club’s duty. Me, as a student who majoring in media and marketing, was happy with my post “Marketing Director” in 2009 which gave me opportunities to put into practice. In this 2010, I am the External relation Director who are responsible for contacting external parties. It is my desirable job again!



William Tse – External Relations and Sponsorship Director

Ladies, Life moves pretty fast and if you don’t stop to look around once a while, you could miss it. So, drop by our chopsticks events and show yourselves. I am sure our social directors will guarantee you all a great time. If not, you can direct your complains to me. Gents, If you are into outdoor activities: rock climbing, kayaking, ocean swimming, boxing or crossfit…etc come say hi, I would like to meet you. If not, dont bother. Jokes. In all seriousness, I think Chopsticks is pretty cool. Great events, awesome people from different cultural background and you get to meet me and other committee members. What more can you ask for?


Erynn Huynh – Marketing Director

Hi everyone, I’m Erynn, Commerce student, also a foodaholic, majoring in deserts, chocolate, cakes. I’m Chopstick marketing director but my main job is Chopstick Food’s director. So if u want ur favourite food will be served at Chopstick events, find me on facebook and send me ur food list, if it matches my favourite, then here we go! :D:D:D …Believe me, if you are so stressful, like got fail in midterm exam, lost mobile phone, or four assignments due tomorrow ..blabla .. Come to our events! I would say ” when u r with Chopsticks, the world away!!! No more stress, no more boredom!”. That is my experience with Chopsticks!  So, lets enjoy Uni life together, with all of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ps: this is my best photo that I reserved for Chopsticks website =)) so plz remember my face.. hope u can find the right-me at Chopsticks events! ”

Amy Nguyen – Marketing Director

Hi everyone, my name is Thi Mai Phuong NGUYEN @#$#%^ ( Gosh, that’s too hard to correctly pronounce isn’t it? ) then I gotta change my name to Amy, but most of my close friends call me Mango since one of my friend gave me a comment that my face does really looks like a mango T_T Well, it’s been annoying for a little while of time cux I consider myself way prettier than a M.a.n.g.o @%$^$^&@ haha kidding 😛 Indeed, I love my nickname really much, so if you guys see me around uni you can call me that cutie name I will definitely turn around, give you a big hug and happy to chat  😀 And.. I’m currently doing second year of Bachelor of Commerce and majoring in Finance & Accounting. Well, this is the first semester joining Chopstick but it’s like another family for me where there are lots of super friendly people and we can chat, work, eat and have fun together!!! I definitely believe that I will stick to Chopstick forever ~ hehe ~Ahh, and the last but not least: I lovee Chopstickkkkk <3 <3  lots of hearts!!!

Danielle Yu – General Committee

Hey guys! I’m Danielle studying Design Computing 2nd year! I became committee member for Choptsicks this year and is having a blast already!!! You’ll probably spot me at events with a camera. I take most of the photos for Chopsticks, oh and I think I’m officially the Poster person as well…! I’m a fake ABC, I’m real fobby even though people don’t believe me, trust me, I know a lot of Mando slangs! University to me is like the best time of my life!!!! I’m having too much fun with College, clubs/societies and assignments…hmm….

Chopsticks is a very warm and welcoming family and I bet you’ll love it just as much as I do!


Kelvin Tran – General Committee

Hey I’m Kelvin, 3rd Year in Commerce/Arts. Chopsticks is one of those families to me which I feel at home with, and there I was, with them all the way. My interests include asian pop music, sports, massages and relaxation techniques and being active! I also have a sweet tooth, and engage in desserts on a level that any guy would be afraid to venture. Well a lil’ profile blurb doesn’t do much to sum up someone, so feel free to flag me down during an event and get talking!



Sherry Ku – General Committee

<< (Yes that is how I use my Chopsticks) Hey Peoples! My name is Sherry and I’m the youngest one around here J I’m currently in second year studying BA (Adv) majoring in Linguistics. After turning up at one of the Chopsticks events last year (because there was free food xD), I became committee member and soo… here I am, assisting Cecelia as the “Secretary’s secretary” of 2010..lols. Chopsticks is an awesum society always filled with laughter, fun, happy people (like me =P) and food (I have to emphasize that). So if you love food, and love to pick your food up with Chopsticks… then this society is TOTALLY for you! As you can see, not only do I LOVE Chopsticks, I eat Chopsticks. Yeah (^_^)Y


Karen Tieu – General Committee

I joined Chopsticks in 2008, was a general committee last year and this year. I love playing computer games, watching anime, reading manga, eating and watching TV. I’m currently playing Maplestory =). I know how to speak Teochew and english, I’m abc!!




Andy Shieh – General Committee

Hi guys!! My name is Andy, currently in my 3rd year of undergraduate degree majoring in physics, applied math and computational science (Hey! What’s that look! Why step away from me!!). I love my friends, I love laughing with them, I love music and sports, I play guitar, piano and Rubik’s Cube! Most importantly, I love my life (with Chopsticks!)!!! Now listen, if you ask me whether to join Chopsticks or not, I’d tell you…………NO!!! Well you may take me as a tragic example: I actually had not joined any of the Chopsticks events until the start of this semester. Then Bang!! I had the biggest urge to join Chopsticks committee group at the AGM!! This is because everyone in Chopsticks is just so nice, so passionate and so funny!! After joining several events I soon couldn’t resist the warm family-like feeling that the Chopsticks is providing. If I had to say, Chopsticks is totally eating us away!! Now don’t you let Miss Chopsticks know about this or I’m so screwed…………

John Yang

John Yang – General Committee

Hello everyone, this is John Yang, a third year electrical engineering geek and at the same time studying medical science. I joined Chopsticks this year and life has been awesome within this fantastic society. I like all kinds of activities such as board games, watching movies, singing… etc. I play the Saxophone and I like playing music with other, or just listening to other great musicians/singers performing (and I know there are many in Chopsticks!). Also I like sports! It is my life, basketball and tennis are my favorite and others are just as good, as long you get to exercise. And FOOD, yes I like Chinese food and I think that is one of the reasons I joined Chopsticks because you get to eat this awesome YUM CHA! That is pretty much about me, a happy outgoing guy:)

AndyMc Phunky Andrew – General Committee

Hello my dear fans!! <3 My name’s Andy (the awesome one ;D) and I’m a bit addicted to languages and Asia!! I’m studying B Arts (languages) in Chinese and Japanese and want to work, live and play in Asia in the near future! =) Chopsticks is a fantastic society because it has a very ‘family’ based feel to it, and at uni a family away from home is exactly what you need!! hehe~ I’m a very social guy and if you don’t know me or have seen me yet, you will pretty soon, lol~ Just watchout behind u~ XD


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