Chopsticks Committee 2011

Jasvanth Sureshkumar – President

Hi there! My name is Jasvanthkumar Sureshkumar…. But best you call me JAS! I am the first “Black” president of Chopsticks (I’m actually brown) haha, shows how diverse we are… or suicidal. I am an Architecture student doing my masters and I love Chinese and Asian Culture 😀 and MOSTLY I LOVE MY FRIENDS :D!

I’ve been in chopsticks since start of 2010 and oh my god has it been amazing. I’ve made tons of lifelong friends, organised amazing events with my committee members and now well I’m helping to run the society as its primary slave, the president. I love Chopsticks with all my heart and it has given me so much more then I could have ever hoped for. So it’s time to give back and that’s what we the committee will do in 2011 as we take Chopsticks to new heights. I want us to look back and think about the great times we had, as a whole society :D!

My life in short in order of priority: FRIENDS and FAMILY, Chopsticks, reading books and Manga, studies, eating! That can’t be healthy but hell I’ll make the best of this year and make Chopsticks the best it can be :D! I also LOVE meeting new people and unique personalities so please please come talk to me… yes I’m desperate… the committee treat me like C#$%! HAHAHA :D! Don’t believe anything they say about me… even the drunk parts… I don’t drink!!


Danielle Yu – Vice President

Hey guys!!!!
This is Danielle, or just Dani :)!
Currently the vice-president of Chopsticks! (also the more fobby one =P) Studying in my final year of Design Computing. (It’s normal if you haven’t heard…but now you know!)
Lived in the US, New Zealand and Taiwan!!! (cue me =P) Speaks Mando and English while trying very hard and failing at speaking Japanese.
It’s my second year as a committee and I can guarantee you that Chopsticks will complete your uni life! (or just life…in general!)
Chopsticks is more than about having Chinese food, playing MahJoung and singing Karaoke even though we enjoy that……a lot! (Have you tried SanGuoSha?)
Chopsticks is about friendship and becoming one of the Chopsticks family memeber. You’ll meet the most amazing people and have the most fantabulous time!
Seriously, you can’t miss it!!! Come say hi to me during events! Me love meet people!
Uni life is short so make it an awesome one! Cheers! p.s. Beware of drunken Jas!

xoxo Dani



Ann Huang – Secretary

Hi Everyone! ^ ^

I’m Ann, the Secretary of Chopsticks, the best society ever =D!! I’m supposedly known as the “12 year old midget” by our dear President up above, which clearly means that I must be a genius, being a 4th year Law/Science student n all XD. I love reading fantasy novels n I’m quite an introvert (i.e. do NOT make me do speeches > <).  I originally joined Chopsticks coz my bf kept going to Chopsticks events, talking about Chopsticks this Chopsticks that all the time it got on my nerves! Anyway, as it felt like I was missing out on something, I sneaked in n joined the committee last year XD. THEN I finally experienced how AWESOME Chopsticks is hehe. Heaps of fun just hanging out with everyone, organising events together, going through an endless list of ‘committee b’days XD’. Hence, as a final point: CHOPSTICKS IN AWESOME!! EVERYONE SHOULD JOIN OR YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON HEAPS OF FUN! =D




Vincent Wei – IT Director

If you’re reading this, you’re either bored or procrastinating or maybe searching up someone ;)! For whichever reason you’re here, ‘Welcome to the Chopsticks family!”. I’m Vince, the IT dude v2.0…although I probably wouldn’t say I’m an updated version of the IT guy last year since I’m actually doing medsci! Currently 4th year, enjoying a fabulous year of honours!! (For more details, visit

Chopsticks is perhaps one of the most welcoming societies I’ve been to! Upon entry, there is no ‘Society-mate agreement’ you have to sign, nor do you have to knock 3x before we’ll open the door for you. There are however, hot beverages available when you’re down and the occasional soft kitty if you’re sick. And there’s always the chance of finding a ‘penny’ across the chopsticks hallway. Or maybe you’ll find me, lurking around looking for food or a chat over coke!

Until then, chopsticks will only ever be a replacement for forks (or maybe the occasional weapon.)




Jade Foo – Social Director

Heya Chopsticks people (and soon-to-be Chopsticks people)!

My name is Jade Foo, and I’m a third year Primary Education Student. You’ll see me, and often hear me during Chopsticks events. It’s just inherent in my personality to be loud and give direction! This is why I chose to be a Chopsticks Social Director for a second year in a row =)

I really enjoy talking to people, (and talking at people)! If you see me around campus, don’t be scared to say hi! Give a wave and a ‘HEY!’ Chances are that I wont know where I’m going (bad at directions); so let’s have a chat!

I haven’t changed that much since last year (see 2010 Committee description). Except I’ve upgraded. Have you tried McDonald’s Oreo McFlurry, with extra added Caramel Sauce on top? That extra 50c is worth it. Just another tip from your Social Director, Jade.





Brandon Lau – Social Director

Hi everybody! I’m Brandon, 2nd year graduate medical student, and a social director of this lovely society. It’s only my first year with Chopsticks, but I had such a great first impression that I just HAD to get involved! I enjoy guitar, puzzles, traveling, Magic: the Gathering, rock-climbing, and having more degrees than is sensible. I’m also a part-time astronaut, unicorn whisperer, and Optimus Prime. Anyway, I love meeting new people and I’m friendlier than the average bear, so come chat to me at Chopsticks events! We’ll have a grand time, I promise.










Candy Chao – External Relations






I have bad temper so don’t bug me! Also don’t hug me and no compliments and PLEASE stay at least 60cm radius away from me. Thank you your cooperation is appreciated 🙂







Cindy Xiong – External Relations


This is my blurb. It is about me.

Who am I? I am Cindy.

I’m super friendly!

Feel free to approach me! 🙂

I think Chopsticks is the coolbeans.

They are also very useful utensils. I use them to eat sometimes!





Nina Xue – Marketing Director

Hey guys!

I’m Nina, aka Ninja or Chopsticks Marketing Queen as some like to call me (although I’m pretty sure the name was originally “Queen of lame and funny shit” haha). So my role is basically to promote our AWESOME events, which is so easy because the events practically sell themselves anyway 😀  This is my second year in Chopsticks and this society has definitely been the best part of my uni experience so far, and I’ve met so many amazing yet diverse people.

I’d love to meet you all if you want to find out more – our Chopsticks family is always accepting of people no matter who you are – you just have to appreciate Chinese culture and delicious FOOD to join us and have an absolute blast!  I think what sets us apart from some other societies is just how welcoming Chopsticks members are, and also the sheer number of events we have simply because we love spending time together! With all the people you meet in uni, it’s the best feeling to know that you’ll always have the unconditional support of Chopsticks behind you.

Once you go Chopsticks, you never go back!  🙂




Talib Tirmizi – Marketing Director

Hi guys, I’m Talib~ I’m a fifth year student studying Commerce/Arts (majoring in Economics, International Business and Japanese), and I am a marketing director for Chopsticks. I enjoy reading, Kosmische Musik, art cinema and learning kanji. Don’t let that fool you, I’m very down to earth and more than happy to chat with you about anything and everything. I have a twisted sense of humour though, so watch out XD. Why did I join Chopsticks? Because I spent four years at uni without a social life. Wake up, go to uni, go home, sleep. But this year I said to myself “do something about it or you’ll regret it.” Being a bit of a loner, I was unsure at first, but everyone at Chopsticks was very friendly and welcoming, and in no time I wanted to be a part of this special society and help them create a unique social experience for all who partake. Most of all, I want to graduate with memories I can cherish for life 🙂




Tina (Miao Miao) Tian – General Committee

Hey guys >_< I’m Tina studying Commerce now! (ppl actually like the other name MIAOMIAO more!) This is the only my first year joining Chopsticks, though not long, it gave me heaps of fun and good memories. When the first time I came to Sydney, I barely knew anyone here, it’s Chopsticks that made me melt into the campus life straight way. I don’t have to think what should I do when I have spare time, coz the answer is so simple! What? Yep u r right—Hang out with Chopsticks!!! As for what kind of person I am, well, u may find me either be quiet sometimes enjoying reading inside of de café, or go crazy with friends outdoors laughing all the time. Generally I am a friendly multi-faceted girlJ (coz I am a Gemini!)

All I wanna say is Chopsticks is such a big and warm family, and it will be better and better in 2011 !







Bovie Xiong – General Committee

Hey all! I’m Bovie, Chopsticker extraordinaire and International and Global Studies student. Born in Canada, raised in Australia, speaking English, Mandarin and German (plus “tourist” French and Japanese), I love to sing but not dance. I have two dreams: travel all around the world, and own a private island populated by supermodels. My hobbies include saving puppies from burning buildings, fighting crime, and hanging out with the awesome people in Chopsticks. Don’t be intimidated by my general aura of greatness, though; come to our events and you too could be a god among men!

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