Chopsticks Newsletter: Week Six

Chopsticks ipman poster number 2

Chopsticks Newsletter: Week Six

Rise and shine my lovely pandas!

Uni was back in full swing last week, and so was Chopsticks! The turnout at Black Day was amazing, with over 100 people from our society alone. For all the new members of our Chopsticks Crew, welcome! We hope to see you guys at a few of our other events this semester… like our upcoming MOVIE NIGHT. 😉

So I’m guessing more than a few of you had, or will have, mid-semester exams, assignments and other sundry, tedious things to slog through. Luckily, Chopsticks is here to the rescue with yet another (yes, another) event for you all with Chopsticks Movie Night!

Aren’t you lucky to have us? 😀


Chopsticks Movie NIght: Ipman!

Maybe you’ve seen the FB post but you’re feeling a bit meh. Or maybe you haven’t seen it on FB at all. Either way, for the undecided or the unaware, here’s the rundown.

When? Tuesday 21st April.

Where? USU International Student Lounge, Wentworth Building Level 4. We’ll be in the squishy bean bag session for prime movie-watching comfort.

Who? Your fellow awesome Chopsticks Members/Asian film buffs/Kung fu fans/Free pizza scavengers

What? IPMAN. The screening contains martial arts, epicness, war-drama and the story of Bruce Lee’s Master… and free pizza.


Chopsticks ipman poster


Hong Kong Original:

UK Version:

US Version:

Link to the FB event:


Interview in Eight Questions with Kristen the Events VP

(wow, that’s a seriously long title)


kristen 2

1. Tell us something interesting about yourself!

I have a pretty rare blood disorder- Factor XII blood deficiency (one in a million!). It sounds cool but quite literally has no impact on my life. 

2. Why did you join Chopsticks?

I was introduced to Chopsticks by accompanying a friend to an event- I think Mahjong Night?? I definitely became interested in the club after making friends on the teaching table and accompanying them to dinner. It was the first time I really got to meet such a wide variety of people- from different degrees, backgrounds and interests.

3. What drove you to become Events Vice President?

I initially joined the team on a impulsive whim thinking “why not?” and after helping around camp and barbeque I was elected team leader. At the time, our Events Vice President was a senior friend of mine from highschool (we caught the same bus) so in a way he raised me to become the current Events Vice President. Weirdly enough, our current President, Alex, also caught my bus in highschool…maybe it’s a thing.

4. What was your most memorable moment with us?

There’s been many memorable moments! Hard to pick just one. Chopsticks Camp 2014! Everything about it- writing personal notes to new friends, roasting marshmallows on the fire, watching my team go from last to first in one gambling session- it was all hilariously chaotic and fun. Many of us just think back to 2014 camp and agree on it being a fantastic weekend.  

5. Do you have any good advice for our younger, newer Chopstick-ers?

Talk to us executives more! We’re a shy lot haha. Ask us anytime to teach you mahjong if you haven’t learnt already!!! The more potential players we have hanging at ISL, the more fun coming to uni is!

6. Outside of Chopsticks, what do you do?

I play music I guess. I’m a piano teacher for little kids and I enjoy mucking around on the keys. You won’t hear me playing the piano at ISL though. I’m also meant to be reading, but it’s a hobby I haven’t had much time for lately…

7. What is your experience with Kung Fu movies/Asian Cinema in general?

Grew up on them. Anyone remember Celestial Channel? Dunno if it’s still around now but I spent my weekends watching various kung fu/ sword fighting movies whilst lounging around on the couch. It’s been a while though- I only come back for these movies on the rare occasion. Donnie Yen ftw.

8. You coming to Chopsticks Movie Night?

Yep. Ip Man is too good. I’m looking forward to snacking as well. We’ll be providing pizza as well!


Past Events: Black Day

From delicious noodles to blindfolds, Black Day had it all. Whether you were slamming down mah-jong tiles in search of that elusive final piece, meeting and mingling (blindfolds optional) or stuffing your face (I know I was) we hope you guys all had a heck of a good time.

Here’s just a sample of what went on last week:

Bowls of noodles yumsome of the Crew


blindly groping for friendship minus the groping




nathan scrabbling at tiles

 no idea what they're playing but least they're enjoying themselves

someone has a happy look on his face

couple material

A man and his groupies


While that’s it for this and next week, we’ll have plenty more upcoming events for you guys each week of this semester. In the meanwhile, do join us at Chopsticks Movie Night for fun, friends and a great time. We hope to see you there, because you’ll definitely see more than a few of us around!

Catch you soon,


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