Chopsticks Newsletter: Mid-Semester Break

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Chopsticks Newsletter: Mid-Semester Break

Rise and shine my lovely pandas!

So hibernation time (mid-semester break) is nearly over, which means it’s time to get back into the Chopsticks loop ASAP. For those who’re still feeling groggy, this issue is right here to help. 


Black Day

Don’t be put off by the unnecessarily grim name, my fellow pandas. It’s actually named after the black bean noodles, not say, the end of the world as we know it or anything. It’s an event for singles, as well as being the counterpart of White Day, the day where girls are given gifts such as white chocolates.

Noodles1When? Tuesday 14th April.

Where? USU International Student Lounge, Wentworth Building Level 4.

Who? As one of the largest collaborative events we’ve ever had, you’ll find members of WASABI and KCAS mingling there as well as your fellow pandas.

What? Soba! Black Bean noodles! Sesame noodles! Noodles, noodles, noodles! All the noodles you could possibly ever want or consume in a lifetime.


And if the mention of noodles isn’t enough to move you, then surely mah-jong is enough to melt your cold, withered, noodle-hating heart. What, you have a mah-jong set at home, you say?

Why, then surely the prospect of true love is more to your fancy. We have blind dating and party games by the dozen, and I daresay even a cute specimen of whichever gender you fancy, my fellow pandas.

You’re guaranteed at least two if you turn up, and a friendly, fun two hours besides.

Why? Because even Chopsticks come in a pair! 😉



To refresh your memory, right before the mid-semester break was the AGM! For those who were there, at least a few faces should be in your memory. For those who weren’t, we’ll be putting up a quick profile of each of our members every week so you can gradually get to know us all without information overload.

Cool? Cool.


Whole cast



events team

marketing team

General execs

If you’re curious, you can check out profiles of us, here:



(because we all know which number is the luckiest…)

alex 3

 1) Tell us something interesting about yourself.

I make terrible puns, and I think they get even worse when I drink.

2) Why did you join Chopsticks?

Actually the current Events VP was a friend of mine from high school and he was the one that introduced me to Chopsticks and I’m completely thankful for that because Chopsticks has become a big part of my uni life.

3) Were you surprised at all to become President?

I never expected to become President when I first joined, but people started pushing me to go for it and eventually I thought that I should go for it because I wanted to work hard and share the Chopsticks experience with even more people.
4) What is your vision for where you want this society to go?

I definitely want to welcome more people into Chopsticks and of course make our events even bigger and better for all of our members. Collaborating with other societies is another thing we are really trying to push this year!
5) What was your most memorable moment with us?

it’s hard to say what’s been my most memorable moment in Chopsticks because they’ve all been memorable as cliche as that sounds. But probably the most memorable was during this year’s camp where I just stayed up the whole of the last night of camp with some of the members around a table and just got to know each other a lot better over cards, questions and drinking games….. With milk…..

6) Outside of Chopsticks, what do you do?

Many probably think I don’t have a life out of Chopsticks but as amazing as it is, I do lol xD I’m currently a 2nd Year Bachelor of Animal and Veterinary Bioscience student (big mouthful, I know) and I also work as a maths tutor on the weekend.

7) What do you think about Black Day?

Black Day is our first collaborated event this Semester, so I’m super excited about it! We will be working with KCAS and WASABI on this to provide you guys noodles from 3 different cultures, blind dating games and more!!!
8) Will you be coming?

Hope to see u guys there!!! Of course I’ll be there too. 🙂


So we’ll leave you with those (sort of, actually no not really, not at all) wise words from our president, and we hope to see you, if not at Black Day, then definitely at one of our upcoming events. You’ll definitely see more than a few of us around!

Catch you soon,


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